Cover Drive's Amanda Confused By Tinie Tempah's Alleged Crush

18 January 2012, 20:23 | Updated: 18 January 2012, 20:39

The 'Twilight' singer tells that she doesn't know how to take the rappers comments because she has met the star before.

Cover Drive's lead singer Amanda Reifer has responded to comments made by rapper Tinie Tempah which suggested he had a crush on the star.

Earlier this month Tinie took to his Twitter account to try and find out Amanda's identity.

He posted: "Who's the lead singer of Cover Drive? What's her name.. Where does she live? Lol."

However, the Bajan star revealed to that she has in fact met the rapper before and is unsure of how to take the comment.

She confessed: "It's pretty funny to me. I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted just because I've met him before - so clearly he doesn't remember me.

"I met him at the same time I first met Dappy. They were at a show together - but clearly I'm not memorable," she laughed.

Meanwhile, Cover Drive recently admitted to that they would love to work with the rapper on a collaboration as well as BRIT Awards 2012 nominee Ed Sheeran.