Photo: First Look At Cover Drive T-Ray's Tattoo

T-Ray's had his very first tat and we have the pictures.

The 'Lick Ya Down' drummer got himself a new tattoo and he's revealed to exactly what it's all about.

"The first number is my brother's birth date, and the other is my second brother's birth date," T-Ray told us.

"It's my first tattoo but I do want more."

Amanda, the singer in the band, is also a fan of tattoos and says she totally has the bug for getting more.

"I've got two now, but I'm itching to get more."

"I'm just itching," T-Ray joked as he rubbed cream onto his new tat. Nice!

T-Ray got the inking done on 9th August and posted a pic in the bandage but we got him to flash his tat for us. Let us know what you think below...

Cover Drive T-Ray Tattoo