Cover Drive: "We're Bringing Back Live Instrumentation To Pop Music"

24 January 2012, 16:32 | Updated: 24 January 2012, 16:39

The 'Twilight' stars confess that they are very proud of their live sound.

Cover Drive have revealed that they want to help rejuvenate the live band sound back into pop music.

The Bajan outfit told that they have sometimes struggled to play at venues and get noticed because they always request a live sound set up when they perform.

Lead singer Amanda confessed: "We have a struggle because we are a band, and there aren't that many pop bands. People aren't use to having live instrumentation – so when we request it they're like 'really?' and we're like 'yeh, of course'"

Drummer T-Ray simply stated: "We're bringing back live instrumentation."

The band recently visited Capital to take part in an exclusive online webchat where they revealed that Amanda's real name is actually Karen.

Meanwhile, Cover Drive recently released their new single 'Twilight' which was the highest new entry on last weekend's Vodafone Big Top 40 chart behind Jessie J.