Cover Drive Video: 'Lick Ya Down' Lyrics Explained

Watch the Bajan band as they reveal all on the lyrics of their debut track.

Cover Drive's new single 'Lick Ya Down' is out this weekend, but the guys told they want to clear up the exact meaning of the song.

"When we first came here people were like, 'It's naughty, it's naughty', and we were like, 'No, it's not'!" singer Amanda revealed.

"Then it kind of clicked to us that it could mean something else here.

"(But) in Barbados, lick ya down means to knock somebody down," she told us.

"It would never cross your mind for it to mean anything else."

Cover Drive's new single is out this Sunday 28th August but you can pre-order 'Lick Ya Down' now.

Watch the video of Cover Drive chatting to Capital's James Barr about their brand new single below...