Cover Drive Reveal Amanda's Real Name

23 January 2012, 17:53 | Updated: 23 January 2012, 18:08

T-Ray reveals all about his band mate during a webchat on

Cover Drive revealed that Amanda's real name is actually Karen during a webchat on today (23rd January).

The band, who released their new single 'Twilight' this week, made the admission when asked by one of their fans if they had any pet names for each other.

"We call Jamar, Pokie, because he's really slow," Amanda said. "He's just slow like, 'Pokie hurry up, come on Pokie'."

The group's lead singer then admitted that she also called T-Ray, Thomas, which prompted him to shout: "Karen!"

When asked by host James Barr: "What's Karen?" Amanda admitted that it was actually her birth name.

"You're going to get it. Karen is my real name, it's my first name," she said. "But I have never, ever - not since I was a baby have I been called Karen. It's just a name that's there in front of my real name, which is Amanda."

Cover Drive also answered questions about their support slot with Rihanna, new single 'Twilight' and debut album 'Bajan Style' during the webchat.

You can watch and listen listen to the moment Amanda's real name was revealed below.

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Cover Drive reveal Amanda's real name during Capital FM webchat