Jonas Brothers 'Cool' video: All the hidden details and 'Burnin' Up' easter eggs

5 April 2019, 16:15

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The Jonas Brothers 'Cool' video is overflowing with 'Burnin' Up' references...

The Jonas Brothers have released their second single since reuniting. 'Cool' dropped today with an easter egg filled video.

Ever since the Jonas Brothers announced their return at the end of February, the entire world has been going crazy for them. 'Sucker' became their first US Number 1 single in the week of its release and 'Cool' has already topped the US iTunes chart. 'Cool' is an instantly catchy bop with references to Post Malone and Game of Thrones but it's the music video and all of its iconic hidden details that fans are really living for.

Check out the Jonas Brothers 'Cool' video easter eggs below.

Jonas Brothers - Cool

The video itself is set in Miami and includes scenes of the Jonas Brothers performing on the beach, on a yacht and at an old people's home. It's slick and fun and... cool but what makes it so great is all of the tongue and cheek references to the early days of the Jonas Brothers. 'Burnin' Up' in particular gets a massive shout out. With that in mind, we've made a list of all of the easter eggs and hidden details in the video.

1. It opens with them sitting pool side just like in 'Burnin' Up'.

Amazing. It even starts with some dialogue just like in the 'Burnin' Up' video.

2. The audience in the video reference how the fans have aged.

It's true. The Jonas Brothers are lowkey dragging all of us for being so much older now.

3. Nick walks past a dancer in a red outfit during the 'red dress' line.

Yes. Nick directly references his memorable 'red dress' line from 'Burnin' Up'.

4. Kevin is essentially wearing Nick's old guitar strap.

Now this is making us emotional. Look how much our boys have grown!

5. Nick actually promotes his aftershave in the video.

He's not a businessman, he's a BUSINESS, man!

6. Joe brings back Rick Lava with his moustache.

This is everything and it's made even better by the fact that Joe can actually grow a moustache now. Longterm JoBro fans will already know that Joe says "I can't grow a moustache" in the 'Burnin' Up' video. He has to wear a fake one. "Oh, how the tables have turned!"

7. The whole aesthetic is inspired by Miami Vice.

This one is pretty obvious but the visuals and the styling all reference the 1980s crime drama Miami Vice. Petition to reboot Miami Vice starring the Jonas Brothers now.

What did you think of the video? Did we miss any easter eggs?