Here's why Respect Little Mix is trending on Twitter

1 December 2020, 22:40

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

'Respect Little Mix' has begun trending online with over 200,000 tweets in counting and it's all related to Columbia Records.

Little Mix fans are calling out Columbia Records for failing to promote the girl group properly in the US and a whole lot more.

Yesterday (Nov 30), #RespectLittleMix began trending online as people all around the world rallied together to celebrate and defend Little Mix. Despite selling over 50 million records worldwide, Little Mix have rarely been given promotion in America and there have been numerous instances in their career where it appears that their labels have failed them as a group.

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Now, Mixers are teaming up to air their concerns after Columbia Records haven't made Little Mix's album Confetti available to purchase physically in the US. With that in mind, here's an extensive breakdown as to why fans of Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards are so angry with Columbia Records, Syco and their team at large.

Why is Respect Little Mix trending on Twitter?

Little Mix fans accuse US label of "sabotaging" their chances at American success
Little Mix fans accuse US label of "sabotaging" their chances at American success. Picture: BBC

Mixers' grievances with Columbia Records and their previous label Syco date all the way back to their first album DNA. The record was an instant international success, debuting at Number 4 in the US in 2011. However, in spite of Little Mix clearly having an active US fanbase, their labels never gave them the time to properly establish themselves in America.

In 2014, Little Mix were due to tour America with their second album Salute. However, their label cancelled their US leg last minute and made the girls record new music instead. Over the past 10 years, Little Mix have never done a headline tour in America, despite there being demand for it. They also haven't done promo on US television since 2017.

And now there are no physical copies of Little Mix's latest album Confetti in the US. All of this goes to show that the labels behind Little Mix have neglected their US fans and affected their chances of success in America. It appears that they've been more focused on making a quick profit than helping Little Mix achieve their US dreams.

On top of this, Little Mix have spoken about their labels encouraging them to "flirt" with "important men" to get played on US radio, forcing them to rerecord entire albums, and not letting them choose their own singles. Taking all of this into consideration, it's no wonder that #RespectLittleMix is trending.

One fan tweeted: "little mix has been in the industry for 9 YEARS and is about to celebrate their 10th year in 2021. this alone shows that they are the longest and biggest running girl band in our generation. so please, give them the respect and treatment they DESERVE. RESPECT LITTLE MIX."

Respect Little Mix!

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