The Funniest Tweets About The Twenty One Pilots 'Clancy' Theory

24 April 2018, 11:08

Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"In this house we don’t know what Twenty One Pilots are doing"

The skeleton clique went into an absolute MELTDOWN yesterday when a new theory about the possibility of new music from Twenty One Pilots started making its way round the internet.

If you haven't read about the Clancy theory yet, you can find a brief summary over here. Be warned, it goes pretty deep and it's very confusing. We're still not 100% sure what the hell is happening, tbh.

While some clever fans were busy getting to the bottom of the theory, the rest of us were enjoying the pandemonium taking place on Twitter where fans were getting hyped about potential new music. This lead to some pretty hilarious tweets by the clique. Strap in, you're in for a wild ride.

The difference between a Twenty One Pilots album campaign and most other campaigns didn't go unnoticed by fans.

The cryptic clues are just too much to handle for some of us.

And it kept getting more and more ridiculous after that.

Even if the Clancy theory isn't true, it was definitely worth it for these tweets alone.