Chipmunk wants to get hot for summer

Chipmunk has told Capital's Showbiz Reporter Kevin Hughes that he wants to get fit this Summer.

The London star, who performed at both the Wireless Festival and Glastonbury 2011, revealed the one thing he hopes to achieve this summer.
"I just want to keep going to the gym and see what comes from that. Music is something that comes second nature to me and I love music but I really just wanna stay fit. Not bulking up, no I just wanna feel fit. So I wanna hit the gym more."
So what about playing to festival crowds? "Festivals give me an opportunity to engage with an audience that might not be into you, so I'm happy and appreciate the opportunity. Glastonbury was a big deal to me and I felt it won't down a blast and when I saw the reviews, I was like yeah, nice one."
Chipmunk's new single 'Take Off', featuring Trey Songz is out now.