Cher Lloyd "Sick Of People Asking About Cheryl Cole"

Cher Lloyd has said she is "sick" of being asked about Cheryl Cole and The X Factor all the time after revealing the artwork for her new album.

The singer lashed out during an interview with the Mirror, saying she's fed up of the same question in interviews.

"I'm fed up of everyone asking me about The X Factor and Cheryl. You can print this, right," she ranted.

"I don't speak to Cheryl, we don't speak, we don't have anything to do with each other, so will everyone stop asking me about Cheryl?"

On The X Factor she added: "And X Factor, of course I'm watching it. What kind of a stupid question is that? Am I going to get this every week now, people constantly asking me about X Factor?"

The singer has named her new album 'Stick + Stones' and released the artwork for the record (pictured below) which shows Cher laying on her back, sporting patterned tights, green hot pants and a black mesh top.

Cher Lloyd 'Sticks and Stones'