Shawn Mendes deletes Camila Cabello kissing video from Instagram

17 October 2019, 15:28

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The video of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello kissing received backlash online when Shawn initially shared it.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello fans gather round. The viral video of them making out on Instagram is no longer with us.

If you've been anywhere near the internet this year, you will already know that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are dating each other. From passionately kissing in public to gushing about their relationship in interviews, it's hard not to be caught up in their budding romance.

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Speaking about going from being just friends with Shawn to boyfriend and girlfriend, Camila told TV host Lorraine: "I'm so happy. I have known him for such a long time and he just feels like home to me so I'm really happy."

However, Shawn has now confused the internet by deleting the infamous Camila kiss video from Instagram.

Why did Shawn Mendes delete the Camila Cabello kiss video?

Shawn Mendes deletes Camila Cabello kissing video from Instagram
Shawn Mendes deletes Camila Cabello kissing video from Instagram. Picture: John Shearer/Getty Images, @shawnmendes via Instagram

Fans of Shawn and Camila will already know that the two stars broke the internet in September, when they shared a hilarious video of them poking fun at trolls telling them they kiss weirdly. In the video, Shawn says: "So we, um, we saw like on Twitter and stuff, you guys saying stuff about the way we're kissing and how it looks weird. Like, we kiss like fish". Camila adds: "Yeah, you guys really hurt our feelings" and then Shawn explains: "We just want to show you how we really kiss".

Shawn and Camila make out so wildly in the video that it's obvious that it isn't meant to be taken seriously. They literally kiss like fish. Most people got the joke. Justin Bieber commented: "U guys are fuckin weird. And I like it" and Niall simply posted a bunch of laughing emojis under the video. However, it didn't stop certain areas of the internet from sending Shawmila negative tweets making fun of them. Billie Eilish even wrote "yiiiiikes" in reaction to it.

Now people have noticed that Shawn has removed the video from his Instagram timeline. While Shawn has not commented on deleting the video, it seems likely that both he and Camila are tired of people misunderstanding the video and having to explain it. During her press tour for Romance, Camila has continually asserted that the video was simply a "joke" and nothing more.

And Shawmila shippers needn't worry about the pair splitting up. Neither of them have deleted any of their other adorable posts about each other. Plus they're still praising each other whenever they get the chance to. In a fan Q&A in Macao this week, Shawn raved about Camila's music and SNL performance and he said he "would travel anywhere with her".

Whatever reason Shawn deleted the Camila video, there's no drama here. Just love.

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