Shawn Mendes says his relationship with Camila Cabello is "not a publicity stunt”

20 September 2019, 11:22

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Shawn Mendes was recently asked about dating Camila Cabello and her parents.

Shawn Mendes has responded to accusations that his relationship with Camila Cabello is fake and they're dating for press.

It's no secret that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are together. Ever since the two popstars joined forces on the number 1 hit single 'Señorita' in late June, they've been spotted kissing and holding hands in public. Since then, Camila has told Elle that she "love[s]" Shawn and that they've "fall[en] for each other like nobody is watching." Meanwhile, Shawn and Camila also fired back at trolls claiming they "kiss like fish" by posting a video of them hilariously kissing each other on Instagram.

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Now, Shawn has addressed the rumors that his relationship with Camila is staged in a video with the paparazzi.

Shawn Mendes insists that his relationship with Camila Cabello is "not a publicity stunt"
Shawn Mendes insists that his relationship with Camila Cabello is "not a publicity stunt". Picture: John Shearer/Getty Images, @ShawnMendes via Instagram

Over the course of the past few months, various news outlets and celebrities have speculated over whether Shawmila is real or not. Pornhub and Wendy Williams have both accused Shawn and Camila of faking their relationship just to help 'Señorita' top the charts. Until recently, Shawn and Camila have simply ignored the accusations but now Shawn has shut them down in a new interaction with the paparazzi.

First, the pap asked Shawn about the viral video of him kissing Camila on Instagram and Shawn said that it was "a little bit of a joke". Then the pap quizzed Shawn on Camila's parents and Shawn said that he's known Camila's parents "for a long time" and gets along with them well. Lastly, the pap asked if Shawn's relationship with Camila is fake and Shawn said it's "definitely not a publicity stunt".

In other words, Shawmila is the real deal and they deserve their privacy just like any other couple. Ever the comedians, they recently left a shop wearing masks to avoid the paps and honestly we stan.

What do you think of Shawn and Camila's relationship?