Brendon Urie Wants To Do Another Musical And His Dream Role Is PERFECT

29 August 2018, 12:34

By Mia Collins

Ya boi Brendon wants back in on that musical scene and his dream role is literally perfect.

Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie has got his eye on a role in London's West End, and we are so here for it. Last year, he absolutely smashed the role of Charlie Price in the Broadway production of Kinky Boots. (I mean, seriously smashed it. Here's the proof, if you need to be reminded.)

And now, in an interview with the BBC, our beloved Beebo spoke about his future dreams of returning to the stage in England and even revealed the dream roles he'd love to land in two pretty huge productions.

Brendon Urie MTV VMAs
Picture: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Before revealing the two roles he's got his eye on, there was one catch to his choices: this time, he wants to play an American.

"I would love to do the West End," he said, "but only if I play an American, I wouldn't want to butcher their language in front of them." Cute! Although, I can’t say I’m not disappointed that he won’t be playing a hot Artful Dodger in ‘Oliver!’ anytime soon.

He went on to say, “For me to be invited to be on [Kinky Boots] is kind of surreal because I don't consider myself an actor by any means. For them to take me on and be like, 'Oh you have to do a Northampton accent'. I was like, 'Really it's going to sound Australian'." (That explains why he’s not so keen on playing a Brit again, huh?)


So... which roles would Brendon actually be interested in taking on? Hold on to your lace fronts, kids, because his answer is perfect. "The dream is to play Jean Valjean in Les Miserables or to be Elder Price in Book of Mormon.”

WIG but is anybody actually gonna tell him that Jean Valjean isn’t American? No? Okay.

Brendon finished the interview explaining the hardships of theatre, and how he wouldn’t change a thing despite them.

"Broadway is a different beast entirely to being in a band. It is the most gruelling schedule. It's the most exhausted I had ever been. I also didn't plan ahead enough. We had just done a two and a half month tour and I was like, 'Screw it, I am going right in to Broadway'. But it was cool - I'd never take it back."

We stan a hardworking legend.