The fan who "stole" Billie Eilish’s ring has been found in a new video

25 October 2019, 14:25

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The ring that Billie Eilish lost at Austin City Limits has finally been found.

The internet has done its thing and found the person who took Billie Eilish's ring during her concert. If you remember, earlier this month, a fan nabbed Billie's diamond bling during her performance at Austin City Limits.

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Billie Eilish started mingling with the crowd during her performance, but the singer quickly realised her diamond ring had gone missing when she returned to the stage.

"Somebody stole my fucking ring," she announced. "I guess that's my fault. Keep that shit. Take care of that shit. The ring is gone for good. It's okay don't worry about it. Whoever has that shit though take care of it, okay."

Billie Eilish visits the SiriusXM studios, on Instagram.
Billie Eilish visits the SiriusXM studios, on Instagram. Picture: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images, @billieeilish via Instagram

With thousands of people in the crowd, there’s no way Billie would track it down…or would she? Well, someone on Twitter actually found the woman who swiped the ring – and there’s even a video.

A Twitter user managed to record a woman asking security to grab the ring for her from the floor. The security guard then reaches down to get the ring for her. In a second video, you can hear the woman screaming "I took the ring" and then there's a photo of her slipping it onto her finger.

TMZ spoke to the woman in question, who insisted it’s not what it looks like. She claims she simply took a picture with the ring and then gave it to a member of ACL staff, hoping they would give it back to Billie.

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There's no word on if Billie was ever reunited with the ring, but she could probably replace this one if she really wanted to.


Apparently the diamond ring isn't diamond at all. According to TMZ, it's actually a cubic zirconia eternity band from Adina's Jewels and costs £78.