Billie Eilish's ring was stolen during a performance and her reaction was so chill

14 October 2019, 14:52

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Billie Eilish kept her cool after revealing to fans at the ACL music festival that one of her rings had been stolen.

Billie Eilish has spent most of 2019 on tour and she's been through it all. From multiple injuries to cute fan interactions and even forgetting her own lyrics on stage, the 17-year-old superstar seems to take every onstage moment in stride – even the not-so-great ones. Case in point, Billie lost a diamond ring during a recent set but she had the chillest possible reaction to the entire situation.

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While playing at the Austin ACL Music Festival, Billie did a bit of crowd work – nothing out of the ordinary. According to video footage captured at the event, Billie walked through a packed audience and shook hands with her fans.

By the time she returned to the stage, though, Billie realised that she was missing a piece of jewellery.

ACL Music Festival 2019
ACL Music Festival 2019. Picture: Getty

"Somebody stole my fucking ring," she announced, eliciting boos from the crowd. "I guess that's my fault. Keep that shit. Take care of that shit."

When the crowd started chanting, "Give it back!" Billie calmed them down.

She replied: "The ring is gone for good. It's okay don't worry about it. Whoever has that shit though take care of it, okay."

Billie's fans reacted to the moment on social media, sticking up for the singer.

"yall im so p*ssed off about the ring situation, seriously show some respect for billie, you all pay to see her in concert because you ‘love her’ yet you take her belongings, i honestly cant believe this [sic]," tweeted one fan.

"someone really stole billie eilish's ring at ACL and all she said was 'that was my fault, just take care of it' why are you so kind?? We don’t deserve it [sic]," tweeted another.

It's not entirely clear if the ring was stolen or if it fell off during the chaos, but it's still a huge bummer, nonetheless. Billie didn't let it phase her, though, and even checked in with the audience to see if they were alright.

The professionalism jumped out!

Billie has been known to rock some serious looking rings from time to time.

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Personally, if I'd lost one of those, I'd be having a "Kim, there's people that are dying" moment, but that's just moi.

Here's hoping Billie gets her ring back from a good samaritan, ASAP!

What do you guys think? Have you ever lost something but kept it remarkably cool in the moment?