One Direction fans are furious with Billie Eilish for liking this shady meme

30 March 2020, 14:37

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The meme that Billie Eilish liked made fun of how Louis Tomlinson looks in comparison to Zayn.

Billie Eilish is facing backlash from One Direction fans after she liked a meme that insults Louis Tomlinson and praises Zayn.

It's no secret that cancel culture has dominated the internet in recent years. Sometimes it involves celebrities being rightfully called out on problematic comments and actions, other times it comes down to stans taking things out of context. Just last week, Kim Kardashian Is Over Party started trending online after Taylor Swift said that Kim and Kanye West "framed" her.

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Now, Billie Eilish is coming under fire and it's all because of a divisive One Direction meme that she liked on Instagram.

One Direction fans are furious with Billie Eilish for liking this shady meme
One Direction fans are furious with Billie Eilish for liking this shady meme. Picture: Amy Sussman/Getty Images, Karwai Tang/WireImage

Over the weekend (Mar 28), Billie liked a now-deleted screenshot of a One Direction meme on an Instagram account called @notforlocalss. It said: "when you move and the snapchat filter comes off", alongside a clip from One Direction's 'You & I' video in which Zayn transforms into Louis mid-song. @notforlocalss captioned it: "yall didn't have to do Louis like that".

The original meme is still live on Twitter but One Direction and Louis fans began to call out Billie for liking the post and they got "Billie Eilish Is Over Party" trending. One person wrote: "I hope Billie can apologize publicly. This is not what an artist should do. It's disrespect for people." Louis fans also got #WeLoveLouis trending in response to the meme.

However, many people started to criticise fans for trying to cancel Billie. Someone wrote: "did the intellectuals who created #BillieEilishisoverparty ever think that billie liked the post not because of the meme but because of the caption that reads: "y'all didn't have to do louis like that"?? i swear you people just live to cancel others because they breath".

Another added: "Oh my god!! Why tf is #BillieEilishisoverparty even a hashtag??? She liked a meme! Probably something she saw on her Instagram explore page and she could've either liked it by accident or liked it on purpose and if it was on purpose, get over it! She literally liked a meme, chill".

As it stands, Billie is yet to respond to the backlash but it seems likely that there was no ill-intent behind her actions.