69 iconic Lizzo lyrics for your next Instagram caption

17 July 2022, 11:30

Lizzo dances to new song Grrrls and shows off Yitty shapewear

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

In need of some serious Instagram caption inspiration? Well, you've come to the right place.

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As you're already aware, it's Lizzo's world and we're just all living in it. The 'Truth Hurts' singer has an incredible way with words, which is why her lyrics make the perfect Instagram captions.

So far, Lizzo has released four albums – Lizzobangers, Big Grrrl Small World, Cuz I Love You and Special – and blessed us with lyrics that we can apply to almost every single aspect of our lives. Feeling crippled by self-doubt? In the middle of some romance drama? Or are you just really feeling yourself? Well, there's a Lizzo lyric for that.

So as a little treat, we've combed through every single Lizzo song to pull out material for your next Instagram caption so that you don't have to. Now without further ado, here's all the Lizzo lyrics for you to enjoy.

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All the best Lizzo lyrics for your next Instagram caption
All the best Lizzo lyrics for your next Instagram caption. Picture: Lizzo via YouTube

For when you're really feeling yourself…

  • "I'm way too fine to be this stressed." – 'About Damn Time'
  • "I'm my own soulmate." – 'Soulmate'
  • "If you love me, you love all of me." – 'If You Love Me'
  • "What the fuck are fuckin' feelings yo?" – 'Cuz I Love You'
  • "I've been through a lot but I'm still flirty." – 'About Damn Time'
  • "Woke up feelin' like I just might run for president." – 'Like A Girl'
  • "I got a lot on my chest, so here's my breast reduction." – 'Hot Dish'
  • "It's bad bitch o'clock." – 'About Damn Time'

For when you want an empowering caption for your mirror selfies…

  • "Don't need that energy, bitch, I'm a Tesla." – 'The Sign'
  • "I'm not the girl I was or used to be… bitch, I might be better." – 'About Damn Time'
  • "Broken but damn, you're still perfect." – 'Special'
  • "Beauty is a gift but curses everyone that chase it." – 'Naked'
  • "Is it your birthday, girl? 'Cause you looking like a present." – 'Birthday Girl'
  • "Love me or hate me. I ain't changing." – 'Exactly How I Feel'
  • "I know I'm a queen, but I don't need no crown." – 'Soulmate'
  • "This is something I was born with', you know? You can't buy this at a store." – 'My Skin'
  • "I'm tryna be patient, and patience takes practice." – 'Jerome'
  • "A cover girl with the mouth of a tommy gun." – 'Hot Dish'

For photos with your BFFs...

  • "We tussle, mind your business." – 'Grrrls'
  • "Bitch, get dressed, unstress yourself." – 'Everybody's Gay'
  • "Where my girls, where my girls at?" – 'Grrrls'
  • "What's deeper than the darkest best kept secret?" – 'My Skin'
  • "All the rumors are true." – 'Rumors'
  • "That's my girl, we codependent." – 'Grrrls'
  • "Twerk skills up on legendary." – 'Tempo'

For when you're feeling a little fragile…

  • "I give a fuck way too much." – 'About Damn Time'
  • "How could you throw fucking stones, if you ain't been through her pain?" – 'Special'
  • "Heaven help me, if love ain't dead, I'ma kill it 'cause it's killing me." – 'Heaven Help Me'
  • "I was at my lowest, your girl was going through it." – 'I Love You Bitch'
  • "I've learned to love me as myself." – 'If You Love Me'
  • "I'm done with the struggle. I just wanna enjoy my life now and maybe appreciate my skin." – 'My Skin'
  • "I'm sick and tired of being typecast like Lindsay Lohan." – 'Hot Dish'

For your loved-up couple photos…

  • "Baby let me feel you close." – 'Lingerie'
  • "You make me crescendo, I'm going up." – 'Lingerie'
  • "Real love, it takes time." – 'Break Up Twice'
  • "And my love so good, it hurts." – 'Break Up Twice'
  • "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you." – 'Coldplay'
  • "We waited so long, but the sex is so good." – 'Coldplay'
  • "True love ain't somethin' you can buy yourself." – 'Soulmate'
  • "You can be my lover." – 'Better in Color'
  • "Wanna put your lips in places." – 'Lingerie'

For your not-so-subtle thirst traps…

  • "I know you seen me coming 'cause I'm thick." – 'The Sign'
  • "Dancin' like a C-E-ho." – 'Grrrls'
  • "I wanna text ya these fire nudeys." – 'I Love You Bitch'
  • "Welcome to my body, I know it's nice to meet it." – 'Naked'
  • "Just wait until the summer when they let me out the house." – 'Rumors'
  • "I've been twerking and making smoothies. It's called healing." – 'The Sign'
  • "Fantasies been written 'bout the beauty and the sweetness." – 'Naked'
  • "I work my femininity, I make these boys get on their knees." – 'Like A Girl'
  • "I just wanna lay it down and open up the deepness." – 'Naked'
  • "No, I'm not a snack at all. Look, baby, I'm the whole damn meal." – 'Juice'
  • "I'm standin' here, don't need no clothes." – 'Naked'
  • "Once upon a time I was a hoe." – 'Cuz I Love You'
  • "Stay in your lane, don't tempt me." – 'Exactly How I Feel'
  • "Come make this body feel sacred." – 'Naked'

For when you want to indirect your ex…

  • "Who told you that you stood a chance with this royalty?" – 'Jerome'
  • "I live inside his head and pay no rent." – 'The Sign'
  • "Feeling bad? Well you should be." – 'Batches & Cookies'
  • "Hi, motherfucker, did you miss me?" – 'The Sign'
  • "Heard you say I'm not the baddest, bitch, you lie." – 'Juice'
  • "I'ma go Lorena Bobbitt on him so he never fuck again." – 'Grrrls'
  • "Bless your heart, it's too small." – 'I Love You Bitch'
  • "You know that I don't break up twice." – 'Break Up Twice'
  • "Hold me close, don't let me run away." – 'If You Love Me'
  • "Somebody come get this man – I think he got lost in my DMs." – 'Juice'
  • "You should feel honored, boy." – 'Crybaby'
  • "Only exes that I care about are in my fucking chromosomes." – 'Like A Girl'
  • "The juice ain't worth the squeeze." – 'Juice'
  • "Cold world, they'll be living in a fantasy." – 'Heaven Help Me'

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