Avril Lavigne: label wanted urban album

Avril Lavigne has said that her record label pressured her to make an 'urban and dance' album.

The singer was speaking to Digital Spy about the delays on her new album 'Goodbye Lullaby', which was completed in 2009.

She said: 'My record company were being a typical record company and trying to give me their version of how (the album) should be.

'(They were) trying to get me to go in a different direction. I had to fight with them over and over. I was like, 'No, this is a really special record to me and this is what I'm doing.'

She said she didn't want the album to go 'urban and dance', adding: 'That's not what my vision was for this album.

'I was signed by L.A. Reid on Arista Records when I was 16. He understood me and believed in me. Arista folded and I got put on RCA or whatever, then there were new people there, and every six months it changes and more new people come in. It's funny when someone new comes in and they've got an opinion too.'