Justin Bieber accused of lip syncing during Ariana Grande duet at Coachella

23 April 2019, 15:04

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Justin Bieber joined Ariana Grande on the Coachella stage to sing 'Sorry'...

Justin Bieber is being called out for lip syncing at Coachella during his guest appearance in Ariana Grande's set.

It's no secret that Ariana Grande has wowed fans at this year's Coachella. Despite the odd setback (lemons and mic issues), the 25-year-old superstar has delivered stunning renditions of her biggest hits and even shook viewers with the odd surprise guest. *NSYNC, Nicki Minaj, Diddy and Mase joined her in Week 1 and Justin Bieber featured in Week 2. However, people are criticising Justin Bieber for lip syncing during his performance.

Did Justin Bieber lip sync at Coachella?

Ariana Grande Coachella: Justin Bieber is being called out for lip-syncing
Ariana Grande Coachella: Justin Bieber is being called out for lip syncing. Picture: Gotham/GC Images // Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

After performing 'Break Free' this weekend, Ariana shocked fans by introducing Justin to the stage. The two stars then gave fans a duet version of Justin's Number 1 hit 'Sorry' and Justin even teased his upcoming album. He said: "I haven't been on stage in like two years. I came out here right, I had no idea I was gonna be on stage tonight, absolutely no idea." and then: "And by the way album coming soon."

Naturally, fans were extremely excited about the album news but many people noticed that he appeared to be lip syncing in his performance of 'Sorry'. If you watch fan video clips of it, you can see that the music actually begins along with Justin's vocals seconds before his mouth starts moving. Given that Ariana is known for her live vocals, fans were disappointed that Justin didn't use his.

Check out the evidence and complaints below.

Seeing as Justin's appearance was so last-minute, we imagine that the lip syncing was down to him and Ariana not getting a chance to rehearse more than anything else. Still, it's understandable why fans aren't impressed. Justin has a great voice and it would have been amazing to hear him sing live with Ariana.

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