Amy Winehouse's Family May Challenge Inquest Ruling After Coroner Found Unqualified

1 February 2012, 19:09 | Updated: 1 February 2012, 19:27

The late singer's inquest ruling has been called into question following the resignation of the coroner who led the inquiry.

Amy Winehouse's family are said to be "taking advice" after the coroner who led the inquest into the late singer's death has been found unqualified for the role.

Camden Council has confirmed that coroner Suzanne Greenway has stepped down from her position, after it was discovered she had not been a lawyer in the UK for the required five years.

Following the 'Back to Black' singer's death in July 2011 Greenway ruled that she had died from accidental alcohol poisoning, however ruling could now be called into question.

"The Winehouse family is taking advice on the implications of this and will decide if any further discussion with the authorities is needed," Amy's family said in a statement, reported by BBC News.

Greenway is said to have been appointed "in error" by her husband, also a coroner in North London, who is now being investigated by the Office for Judicial Complaints for his conduct.

The ruling for Amy Winehouse's death still stands at present but could now be challenged, potentially leading to a second inquest into the death of the 'Our Day Will Come' singer.