Amy Winehouse 'booed' at gig

Amy Winehouse has been booed at a gig in Dubai.

The singer was performing to a 4000 strong crowd celebrating the city's Motorbike Week and is said to have asked the audience to stop jeering her during the set.

Metro reports she told the crowd at the Piazza arena: 'Surely, it isn't that bad? Don't boo.'

A fan on Facebook wrote: 'I feel like I'm watching someone having a meltdown. She's not singing, forgetting the words and shaking like a leaf. It's very uncomfortable.'

However, a spokesperson for the singer said that Amy had a faulty ear monitor, which was causing her problems.

'She couldn't hear herself while singing,' they said. 'This lead to some songs being cut short, leaving the stage for a bit to see if they could be fixed and handing over to her backing singer Zalon to sing one more song that he usually would. The audience didn't know this, of course.'