Office Tomfoolery

We all love a bit of office tomfoolery - and on Wednesday's show we had some great examples of the things people do at work!

So, without further ado, here's a few of the best ones that we've been sent by listeners to the show and ideas for simple but great office pranks if you're bored at work today. If you do any of them, make sure you send the videos to us!

You can send them to Producer Scott using the email address  We're not liable for any consequences of your actions so think carefully before doing any of the below!

1. Phone above the ceiling tiles - very simple, when somebody leaves their mobile phone unattended, pick it up and put it above one of the ceiling tiles in the office. Just make sure it's on loud so you can enjoy them walking around trying to trace the ringing!

2. Waiting outside the toilet door - scaring people is always good fun and the art is in timing. When you go to the toilet you don't expect it, so wait outside the toilet door when your colleague goes and jump out at them when they come out.

3. Moving cars - obviously, be careful about insurance stuff on this, but if you have a big car park you can move somebody's car to the other end. The result is people walking out expecting to find their car park in one place and either thinking it's being nicked or feeling like they have lost their marbles because they can't remember parking it there.

4. Tape on the mouse infra-red - if your colleague has a computer mouse with infra-red (a red light underneath) - put some duck tape over the light and then enjoy as they try and work out what has gone wrong.

5. Missing desk - Nothing is more baffling than walking into work and finding everything on your desk exactly as you left it - but on the floor with the desk missing.