Dose does London

Ever wondered what a typical day is like with Hirsty, Danny and JoJo? This sums it up.

The guys had to go to London for a photoshoot, so they were sent there on their own with no adult supervision.

Normally, they cock this kind of responsibility up and producer Scott needs to be there to explain that Hirsty is just a bit too over-friendly, Danny is naturally a miserable sod and JoJo doesn't mean to breach the peace.

So what happened?

First up, JoJo decides that she's going to announce her arrival with a bit of noise... And of course, she's packing some stuff to help make an impact.

Then, after an earlier incident where Hirsty introduced JoJo to technology she didn't like, JoJo showed us technology she approves of on the train back to Yorkshire. It's the simple things that please her. 

To hear what happened on the rest of the trip and discover the technology that JoJo DOESN'T approve of, have a listen to Hirsty's Overdose 31. It's our podcast and it's a bit blue, so don't listen if you're easily offended!