York Man Jailed Over Teen Drug Death

7 August 2013, 17:47 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A 25 year old man has cried in court as he was locked up for supplying the drugs that killed a girl in York.

Luke Carey admitted giving methylamphetamine to 16-year-old Poppy Rodgers at a house in Tang Hall in April last year.

Poppy, an unemployed waitress, had been socialising with friends on the night she died.

Carey brought a bag of methylamphetamine, which he said he had been sold at a cut price after it was linked to another death a year earlier.

One of her friends, Jamie Kelly, was taken to hospital but survived.

Carey admitted seven counts in total, which included another count of supplying the drug, four of offering to supply the drug and one of possession with an intent to supply.

Speaking to reporters after the sentencing Poppy's dad Mark Rodgers said: 

"The sentence will never be enough as Ann and I had our daughter taken from us.

"I understand in law this might not be murder but given the circumstances it certainly feels like that to us.

"Adults may choose to take drugs, but those prepared to give drugs to a child are beyond reproach.

"Carey did this - he gave this poison to my little girl in the full knowledge it had already killed somebody. It had killed an adult. It was bound to kill a child.''

Poppy was their only child.