Trinity Uni Encourages More Girls Into Sport

30 January 2017, 11:38

This Girl Can

Special girls-only sessions have been started at a university in Yorkshire to encourage women into sport.

It's aimed at women who haven't taken part in sport since leaving school.

It's part of the This Girl Can campaign and is being run at Leeds' Trinity University.

There's a huge drop off in girls taking part in sport once they finish school and this is trying to tackle inactivity in female students.

Their special girls only sessions are designed to make students feel more confident about getting active.

They make sure no-one is watching the sessions, that they're at a level that suits all abilities, and that they're social, so it's having things like music in the background.

Sessions include squash, spinning and running.

Since September, 112 girls who'd not done any sport since school have started taking part.