Thomas Mair Guilty Of Batley And Spen MP Jo Cox's Murder

23 November 2016, 13:00

Jo Cox Brendan Cox Tribute Photo

53 year old Thomas Mair has been found guilty of murdering Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox.

The judge has given Thomas Mair a whole life sentence for the murder of Jo Cox. 

Mr Jutice Wilkie said it was 'due to its exceptional seriousness'.

UPDATED 23rd November 2016, 12:33pm

An Old Bailey jury took just over 90 minutes to convict him of what was described in court as an act of "sheer brutality and cowardice''.

He murdered mother of two and Remain campaigner Mrs Cox, 41, as she arrived for a constituency surgery in Birstall, a week before the EU referendum.

The white supremacist, who gave no evidence in his defence, shouted "Britain first'' as he fired three shots at his MP and stabbed her 15 times.

He gave no reaction as he was convicted on all counts.

The MP's family sat in silence in the packed courtroom as the verdicts were delivered.

Jo's husband, Brendan Cox told the Old Bailey he was not there for "retribution'' and felt "nothing but pity for'' Thomas Mair. 

Bernard Kenny, the man who was injured when he tried to defend Mrs. Cox, described Mair's actions as a "pure act of evil''.

He said in a statement that he would do the same thing again as it was "the right thing to do'', even though his actions were not enough to save her.