Man Jailed For Bawtry New Years Day Attack

A man has been jailed for GBH after he attacked a man at a New years Eve party in Bawtry.

21 year old Paul Oakden has been locked up for two years and eight months for attacking 35 year old Iain Eldridge, and left him fighting for his life.

On Saturday, 31 December, Mr Eldridge and his girlfriend were on a night out in Bawtry to celebrate the New Year, when Oakden came up to them and in an unprovoked attack, Oakden punched Mr Eldridge in the face, causing him to fall backwards and hit his head on the pavement, and then fled the scene.

He was taken to hospital with a severe head injury, his condition was declared critical and he was left fighting for his life.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Whittaker, the officer in charge of the case, said: “The ferocity of the unprovoked punch left Mr Eldridge with no time to defend himself and in a life threatening condition for over a month.

“Oakden has shown no remorse for his actions and from his violent, drunken behaviour, he has created an overwhelming amount of distress and heartache for Mr Eldridge and his family, in particular his two young children who could have very easily been left without a father because of Oakden’s senseless crime.

Ian’s family and partner issued this statement: “The start of 2012 was mixed with anxiety, fear and uncertainty as to what the year, and possibly the rest of our lives would hold, all because of this man and his inane and thoughtless actions.

“Iain is a hardworking and honest family man who was just out enjoying News Years Eve as hundreds of other people were doing, when he was assaulted in a completely unprovoked attack by Oakden.

“There is no other reason as to why he attacked Iain other than he is just a thug who was out to cause trouble. He won’t admit this and continues to lie about the attack, but he knows in his own mind what he’s done and that he has ruined our lives. 

“We are satisfied with the sentence given and feel it reflects some of the damage and pain he has caused, and hopefully two years and eight months locked away will teach him a valued lesson.

“Iain’s life well never truly be the same as it was as a result of the injuries inflicted upon him and he may never be able to work again, however we are thankful that he managed to pull through and that we still have him here with us, and we can now try to leave everything in the past and move on with our lives.