Loneliest dog, re-homed in Yorkshire

27 June 2019, 12:44


The RSPCA's 'loneliest' dog has finally been rehomed in West Yorkshire.

Gary the three year old Lurcher had spent more than a third of his life in kennels.

He saw 194 other dogs find their forever homes - before getting his own happy ending.

After a national appeal, Gary's made the 217 mile journey up to Castleford from the RSPCA South Godstone Animal Centre.

New owner Joanne who lives with her partner and son said: “I saw his appeal on social media and I had friends tagging me as I had adopted a rescue greyhound previously and had mentioned we wanted another dog.

“I was worried I would be far down the list to adopt him as we live so far away but I don’t think he had had too much interest so we were invited down to meet him and it went from there.

“We made a few changes to secure our garden for Gary but after that we were able to bring him home with us.

“He is such a lovely friendly animal, a real character. We’ve been home two days now and he hasn’t needed much adjustment at all, it’s like he has always been here. He has his spot on the rug where he loves sleeping and he has loved getting out for walks with the family. He certainly knows where the fridge is and has slotted right in with us.”

Emily Jefferson, animal care assistant at South Godstone, said: “Gary was our longest stay dog overall so we are all delighted this has worked out for him.

Of course it’s also tinged with sadness saying goodbye as we will miss him. You can’t help but get attached when a dog has been with you that long and he was always in reception with us as he’s such a happy soul who loves being around people. This is the best outcome for Gary so we hope he has a long happy life with his new family.