Extra Drones For South Yorkshire Police

13 February 2019, 14:04 | Updated: 13 February 2019, 14:06

Drones being used by Suffolk emergency services.

South Yorkshire Police is expanding its fleets of drones to help with operations like missing people searches and crowd control.

At the moment the force has two drones in operation and they're specifically used to cover any potential incidents at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

Funding has been approved to get six more drones and to train 20 officers in how to use them.

Once their training is complete the force will have 24/7 drone coverage and they'll be deployed to help officers with various operations.

These will include things like search operations, major incidents and crowd monitoring at big sporting events and concerts.

PC Gordon Sitch said: "Whilst experimenting with our first two drones and after discussions with other forces, it became clear that we could be using this technology beyond the airfield's fences. We have made the case for investing in further aircraft, so that they can be used more routinely across the force."