Expert Help On Writing A Wedding Speech!

13 July 2017, 10:19 | Updated: 13 July 2017, 10:23

Wedding Reception

Getting a best man's speech ready? Experts have come up with the perfect formula for wedding speeches.

According to Kleenex and Great Speech Writing, this is it...*drumroll*...

3 months: The ideal amount of time before the wedding to start preparing your speech.

1 month: The perfect amount of time to practice with a completed script.

25: The average number of times you need to read your speech out loud in that time. Don't worry about learning it off by heart or over-practise to avoid sounding less natural on the day.

8 minutes 30 seconds: The ideal length of a speech.

960: The average number of words in the perfect wedding speech. That's roughly 120 words per minute.

45 seconds: The longest time you should spend telling one story or anecdote; they can get boring!

0: The number of jokes you should take from the internet.

A6: the size of card you should print your speech onto. Any bigger and people will notice the paper shaking in your hands.

2: The maximum number of people who should help you to write the speech.

1: Only practice the speech on one trusted friend or colleague who won't be at the wedding.

2: The maximum number of toasts you should give during your speech.

0: Gifts to hand out during the speech to avoid disrupting the flow.

3 seconds: The longest time you should allow for a pause.

8 seconds: The longest you should go without stopping to take a breath.

2: Maximum glasses of wine before you speak.

7 minutes: Don't aim to make your audience cry until at least 7 minutes into the speech and not at all if you are the Best Man.

1: The number of packs of tissues every guest should have on standby.