Chloroform In Fake Vodka

Trading Standards warning people not to buy "Drop Vodka" as it contains chloroform and cleaning chemicals - and if you have bought it - stop drinking it now.

It's been found to be on sale at independent off-licences across West Yorkshire.

The vodka's been tested and found to contain chloroform and isopropyl alcohol.  Neither of these chemicals should be present in vodka and it has therefore been classed as “unfit for human consumption”.

Isopropyl alcohol is used as a solvent and cleaning fluid - and when Chloroform is mixed with alcohol its toxic effects are increased. 

“Drop Vodka” is not a legitimate brand and people should contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 if they see it for sale. No duty has been paid on the bottles and it is illegal to sell it.  As yet, it is not known who is bottling this product, but it is clear that they are criminals who have no thought to the safety and well being of the public.

Retailers are warned not to buy or sell this product. If they do, they could be prosecuted.