'Buried' Body Found In East Yorkshire Morgue

An investigation has been launched after the body of a man who died in police custody in Hull turned up at a mortuary over a decade since he was believed to have been buried.

Former soldier Christopher Alder, 37, choked to death while handcuffed and lying on the floor of a police station in the early hours of April 1 1998.

His sister, Jane Alder, brought a civil action against the Crown Prosecution Service after she claimed she was racially discriminated against, but she lost her legal challenge in March.

Hull City Council said the body of a man was discovered where a woman was believed to have been stored.

Council chief executive Nicola Yates said: ``On Friday 4 November 2011 I was made aware of a situation relating to the body of a man, who was in his late thirties, located in the city mortuary.

``The body lay in place of where Grace Kamara had been recorded as resting. At the moment I cannot explain this.

``Whilst Grace Kamara died of natural causes in 1999, her burial was, for family-related reasons, only able to take place on Friday. It was immediately postponed.

``My first priority has been to make sure the families involved were informed and given the necessary support.

``Now that we have made our best efforts to notify and support the families, I can confirm that the body of the man has been identified as Christopher Alder.

``I am appalled and distraught at what I have learned and in conjunction with Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust we will be undertaking a thorough review of the circumstances surrounding the events.''