Bradford dad pleads for body information

4 February 2011, 10:36 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

The dad of murdered sex worker Shelley Armitage has pleaded to "Crossbow Cannibal" Stephen Griffiths to reveal what he's done with her body.

Griffiths is currently refusing food in a Wakefield prison after being given a life sentence for the murders of Ms Armitage, Suzanne Blamires and Susan Rushworth.

Daryl Armitage is anxious that Griffiths will die and the information about the whereabouts of Shelley's body will go with him.

He has always refused to reveal details over what he did with the bodies. He teased police officers after his arrest that he put the bodies "where a robot would."

Ms Armitage was killed between 25 April and 25 May 2010 and parts of her body were later found in the River Aire.

The family are hoping to receive information from Griffiths so they can give their 31 year old daughter a funeral.