1,600 Steeton homes without heating

1,600 Steeton homes spent Tuesday night and a big chunk of Wednesday with no gas.

The strong winds, caused by the bad weather, caused damage to a maintenance shelter.

Northern Gas Networks sent over 50 engineers sort the problem and, as of 5.23pm on Wednesday, say hundreds of customers have had their gas supply restored.

They anticipate that they will re-connect the majority of affected properties on Wednesday evening.

Engineers had to visit each home to turn off the gas, fix the damaged shelter, and have now gone back to each house to carry out safety checks and turn the gas on.

Northern Gas Steeton HQ

Gwen Allen, of Northern Gas Networks, said: "the community here has really rallied round and are in good spirits and they know we are working as fast as we can to make sure everyone is back up and running.

"It is important that people do not try to do it themselves, they have to wait for a qualified gas engineer as there are major safety checks that must be carried out."


Steeton resident Cheryl Burrows said: "It's been incredibly difficult to keep warm, we are not used to having no gas, you don't realise how much you need gas till you don't have it.

"We have 2 young children so it's been hard to try and keep everyone warm,  it's just been so difficult.

A customer drop-in centre has been set up at Steeton Sailors and Soldiers Club to hand out heaters and hot plates for food.

Hot food, showers, drink and sandwiches are being provided at Keighley Leisure Centre.