Torchbearer Profile: Rachael Duff

Hometown: Hull
Age: 52
Carrying the flame through: Hull
Carrying the flame through: 18 June 2012

Rachael's nomination story

"When nominations opened for Torch Bearers, I immediately thought of Rachael, and so did many others. Rach has made such an impact that 11 other friends asked to support this nomination. 

"By day, Rachael is a GP practice manager and an administrator in a hospital. She is an excellent manager and a wonderful colleague and friend. She is cheerful, supremely organised and is responsible for keeping our department running. At night, however, Rach puts on her trainers and raises money for charity. 

In the year running up to the Olympics, Rachael will run 20 races - including 5 marathons - with the aim of raising £20,000 for 6 charities. She will tour the UK and Europe before finishing with the London Marathon next spring. By then she will have raced 300 miles, but will have trained relentlessly, running thousands of miles over hundreds of hours. Rachael is not doing this for personal recognition, nor is she doing this for any financial gain. Instead she is running to be the best that she can be and to help others in the process. 

"She welcomes others joining her and coaches and encourages as she runs, helping others to run faster and stronger than they thought possible. I think Rachael exemplifies everything the Olympics stands for; she works tirelessly and selflessly to do her best, making a positive difference to the all around her. 

"I hope that this nomination will bring her some of the recognition she deserves and allow her to see how special she is."

Rachael Duff Torchbearer for Hull chats to Capital's Rachel