York's Chocolate Story

Satisfy your sweet tooth and visit York's Chocolate factory. As you join a guided tour through 3000 years of chocolate history in York, take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about vintage favourites from Rowntree's, Terry's and Cravens.

At York's Chocolate Factory, you'll learn how a cocoa bean starts its journey from its exotic rainforests of central America to the cobbled streets of Yorkshire where it is transformed into a delicious bar of chocolate. Watch the master chocolatiers create the iconic flavours known worldwide and discover how chocolate shaped the city, chocolate-themed cafes, chocolate shops and historical sites.

A brand new exhibition of Breaking the Mould: The Story of Kitkat is now available for you to learn about the origins of the Kitkat and why it's the World's most popular confectionery brand. So why not book school trips, birthday parties and chocolate masterclasses or even hire York Chocolate Factory for any event where you can create your own signature chocolates with those closest to you. 

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Visit them at:
York's Chocolate Story
King's Square,
York, YO1 7LD
Call them on 01904 527765