Win Big In 2020 With Roman Kemp's £100k Wake Up

2 January 2020, 11:55 | Updated: 6 January 2020, 08:59

Roman Kemp's £100K Wake Up
Roman Kemp's £100K Wake Up. Picture: Capital

We're on a mission to make someone £100K richer and all you need to do is listen to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp.

From Monday 6th January until Friday 14th February, you have the chance to win a huge cash prize by tuning in to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp.

Here's how it works: At 9AM every day from Monday to Friday, Roman will play a mystery celebrity voice and all you need to do is identify who it is! To enter, text ROMAN followed by your answer (the name of the celeb you think the voice belongs to) to 83958. Each entry costs £1.50 and you must be aged 18 years or over to participate.

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Get it correct and you'll be in the running to win an epic £1,000 for that round which closes the next day at 8AM (except for Friday's round which stays open all weekend until Monday at 8AM).

The best part is, all correct answers entered will be automatically put through to the final draw to win that massive £100,000 on Valentine's Day! Plus, you can still enter each individual round too.

Check out the full terms and conditions here and good luck!

  1. How do I enter a competition round?

    Firstly, you need to identify the celebrity voice we play you. Then, to enter, text ROMAN followed by your answer (the name of the celeb that you think the voice belongs to) to 83958. Each entry costs £1.50 plus your standard network rate. Keep it Capital, because we’ll play you the voice to identify, and reveal clues to their identity, throughout the competition round. If you text the keyword but don’t include your answer, you won’t be able to win, but you’ll still be charged.

  2. When do I enter?

    The first round starts at 8am on Monday 6th January 2020, and then we’ll open a new round, each with a new voice to identify, Monday to Friday at 9am. We’ll close the rounds the next day at 8am, except for the round that opens on Friday – you’ll have the whole weekend to enter that one and it’ll close the following Monday at 8am. If you text when the lines are closed, you won’t go into the draw but you may still be charged. Also, make sure that you’re identifying the correct voice for the round that’s open, or you won’t be able to win!

  3. I entered the competition – do I need to be available to answer your call to win a £1,000 daily prize?

    Yes! We’ll be randomly selecting a £1,000 winner for each round of the competition, then calling them up Monday - Friday from 8am. So if you entered a specific round, make sure you’re available to answer your phone safely when the round has closed, or we’ll have to call someone else up to win!

  4. Do I need to answer my phone for the £100,000 prize too?

    You do! When the final competition round has closed, we’ll be randomly selecting the £100,000 winner from ALL the correct entries across the competition. So make sure you’re available to answer your phone safely from 8am on Friday 14th February. Otherwise, someone else will win the cash instead!

  5. I’ve already entered one competition round. Can I enter another round?

    Yes, you can enter different rounds of the competition. If you win a £1,000 daily prize, you won’t be able to win another one, but your entries will still be eligible to win the £100,000 prize on the final day.

  6. Can I enter by phone or online?

    No, text is the only way to enter.

  7. I have sent a text to enter but haven’t received a confirmation message

    There are many different reasons for this. It could be due to insufficient funds, a Premium Rate block, a monthly cap that’s been exceeded, or a problem with your mobile phone network. You’ll need to contact your network about this: O2: 0344 809 0202 Vodafone: 0808 040 8408 EE (from your EE mobile): 150 3: 0333 338 1003 Sky: 0333 7591 018 Virgin: 0345 454 1111

  8. Why are my messages not sending in the first place?

    If messages are not leaving your phone, then they haven’t reached us and won’t be included in the draw to win. This isn’t something we’re able to affect, so you’ll need to contact your mobile phone network (using one of the numbers above), and they’ll be able to advise you further.

  9. I received my confirmation message quite a long time after the round closed

    Sometimes, when we experience a higher-than-normal volume of traffic, it can take longer than usual to process and send out our response messages, so even if you receive a confirmation message after the text lines closed, that entry was still included in the correct draw.

  10. I missed a call – was it from Capital?

    Unfortunately, we can’t disclose that information. Make sure that, if you enter, you’re available to safely answer your phone.

    If we’ve still not answered your question, check out our full list of Premium Rate FAQ