How To Play Capital! Give Me The Cash! To Win Tax-Free Money

29 December 2021, 15:00 | Updated: 25 April 2022, 09:24

You can win money on Capital! Give Me The Cash!
You can win money on Capital! Give Me The Cash! Picture: Capital
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How do you enter Capital! Give Me The Cash? We've got the details on how to play, what number to text and of course what you need to say if we call you... if you didn't know already!

Capital! Give Me The Cash! is back for 2022 and we've got loads more money to give away!

We pay out thousands of pounds of tax-free cash to winners of Capital! Give The Cash! so could it be you next?

Listen to Capital between 8am and 4pm weekdays for how to get your phone number into the draw, or you can enter online here.

Then if we call you, you know what you need to do to win... just answer with "Capital! Give me the cash!"

How much does it cost to enter?

Text entries into Capital! Give Me The Cash! cost £2 plus your standard network rate. Online entries through Capital’s Win+ platform start at £2

How do I enter?

You can enter the competition by texting CASH, followed by your answer to the question we ask on air, to 83958. You can also enter online through Capital’s Win+ platform

When do I enter?

Listen out to Capital every day for the latest competition question or check it out on Win+. Make sure you enter while a competition round is open. If you enter at the wrong time you won’t be entered but you may still be charged. Remember, text lines and Win+ entry close when you hear us play the alarm on-air, so don’t enter after you hear that - wait until we give you the next question to answer.

Can I enter from anywhere in the UK?

You can enter the competition if you’re a resident of Great Britain (England, Scotland or Wales). If you live in Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, then we’re really sorry but you shouldn’t enter as you won’t be eligible to win, due to different regulations in those places.

Do I have to be available to answer my phone to win?

Yes, you’ll need to be available to answer your phone once we’ve played the alarm at the end of the round you entered. This can happen at any point between 8am and 4pm on weekdays. And the first thing you say as soon as you answer MUST be the phrase that pays: ‘Capital! Give Me The Cash’. Otherwise you’ll forfeit your prize and the money will be added to the prize fund for the next round.

What number will you call from?

We can’t guarantee how it will display on your phone if we call you. It could be ‘unknown’, ‘withheld’, it might show a telephone number, or display in any other way. You just need to always answer your phone with ‘Capital! Give Me The Cash’ between 8am and 4pm on weekdays!

How much can I win?

We start off with a £5,000 prize for each round. But if the entrant we randomly select once a round has closed doesn’t answer their phone with ‘Capital! Give Me The Cash’ then we’ll add that £5,000 to the next round, and we’ll keep on adding £5,000 to the prize total each round until someone answers with that all-important phrase that pays. We’ll tell you exactly how much you can win every time we give you the entry details on-air.

Could my entry be picked at random at any point during the competition?

Your entry will only be valid for the round you enter and you have the same chance of winning whether you enter via text or online through Capital’s Win+ platform. Once the alarm plays on air, we’ll reset the lines. You’ll need to enter again if you want to be included in the next draw, once we’ve given you a new question to answer

Can I enter by phone?

No, text or online is the only way to enter.

So if the prize rolls over, do I need to enter again?

Yes, each time we add another £5,000 to the prize and the question changes
is a ‘new round’. You will need to enter that round if you’d like to be eligible to win the prize amount available.

I have sent a text to enter but haven’t received a confirmation message.

There are many different reasons for this. It could be due to insufficient funds, a Premium Rate block, a monthly cap that’s been exceeded, or a problem with your mobile phone network. You’ll need to contact your network about this:





Why are my messages not sending in the first place?

If messages are not leaving your phone, then they haven’t reached us and won’t be included in the draw to win. This isn’t something we’re able to affect, so you’ll need to contact your mobile phone network (using the contact details above), and they’ll be able to advise you further.

I received my confirmation message quite a long time after I sent my text

Sometimes, when we experience a higher-than-normal volume of traffic, it can take longer than usual to process and send out our response messages, so even if you receive a confirmation message after the text lines closed, that entry was still included in the correct draw.

I’ve already entered one competition round. Can I enter another round?

Yes, you can enter different rounds of the competition. However, once you’ve won once, you can’t win again.

I tried to enter online via Win+ but my entry failed

If you selected ‘pay by mobile’ but your entry failed, there are many different reasons for why this could be. Not all mobile networks support this kind of transaction – it’s only available on O2, Vodafone, EE and Three. Otherwise, it could be due to insufficient funds, a block, a monthly cap that’s been exceeded, or another problem with your mobile phone network. You’ll need to contact your network about this. If you entered via PayPal and your entry failed, you may have insufficient funds in your account. Please contact PayPal if in doubt.

I missed a call – was it from Capital?

Unfortunately, we can’t disclose that information. Make sure that, if you enter, you’re available to safely answer your phone. Remember, it can happen at any point between 8am and 4pm on weekdays, once the alarm has sounded on air.

I answered a call from Capital but lost out because I didn’t say the phrase that pays. Can I enter again?

Yes, as long as you don’t win you can enter again.

I was a winner on another Capital competition recently. Can I enter?

In the last six months, if you’ve won a competition on any of Global’s radio stations – winning either a prize valued at a thousand pounds or more, or winning more than one prize of any value - your entries won’t be eligible until any exclusion period has ended

I’ve received a message from you (or one of your presenters) on social media saying I won a prize. Is it a scam?

If you’ve won a prize with us, we will almost always talk to you by phone first – and will advise you of the process to redeem your prize. 

We will never ask you for your credit or debit card details to redeem a prize. Our prize fulfilment process is outlined here (see clause 4.3) and we will only ever ask you to complete your details on our secure link at 

If you receive a message on social media instructing you to click a link to redeem a prize then do not click the link, even if the link has been posted on one of Capital’s social media accounts. 

If you’re in any doubt at all, you can check if your prize is genuine by contacting our Customer Support team. Please, always report anything suspicious to the relevant social media platform (Facebook, Twitter etc.), through their reporting processes.

If we’ve still not answered your question, check out our full list of Premium Rate FAQs here

You can read the full terms and conditions for Capital! Give Me The Cash! here