Capital's Cash Call: How To Enter, And Win Thousands!

Capital's Cash Call 2018 New Look

Get ready to shout "Capital, give me the cash!"

Let's face it, summer has probably left everyone's bank balance on the lighter side... So we thought we'd fix that with a fresh new round of Capital's Cash Call.

You could be winning some big money, so get ready to play every day with Ant Payne and Bassman, 10AM-4PM. 

How To Enter Capital's Cash Call:

To be in with the chance of winning, you need to listen out for the 'Cash Track' from a specific artist. Every song you hear up until we play the 'Cash Track' earns you a hefty £200. (Except on a Friday, where it's a massive FIVE HUNDRED pounds!) 

When you hear the 'Cash Track', text 'CASH' to 83958 for your chance to win the jackpot.

Four songs between the time we tell you which tune to listen out for, and it plays on Capital? That's £800 towards a night out-out. 10 songs? That'll be a tasty TWO GRAND in your bank account.

> If You Wanna Be In With Your Chance Of Winning, Grab Our App Right Now!

(*Texts will cost £1 plus your standard network rate, lines close when the song finishes. For all the terms and conditions, click here.)