WATCH: The 11 Biggest Viral Videos Of 2015 That Blew Up The Internet!

22 July 2015, 06:30

Johanna YouTube Viral

It's time to clock off for the day and lose yourself in the BIGGEST trending videos of the year... so far!

Whether you're hiding from your boss in your favourite cubicle, or hiding from your parents in your room - these 11 videos are guaranteed to help pass the time.

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We've picked the BEST viral videos from 2015... so far! So sit back, relax and get your LOLLERSKATES on! #SorryNotSorry


Christina Aguilera Performs Britney FLAWLESSLY!

It's no secret that Christina's got one of the most distinctive voices of the last few decades, but when she took on Britney Spears on Jimmy Fallon, we were blown away! She somehow managed to out-Britney Britney without even shaving her head!


But Vin Diesel Covering Maroon 5? Not So Flawless...

Maybe don't quit the day job, Vin! And next year, we'll just have flowers and chocolate as a Valentine's Day treat...


Happy V day...

Posted by Vin Diesel on Thursday, 12 February 2015


Remember The School That Made 'High School Musical' A Reality?

You couldn't go ANYWHERE without hearing 'Uptown Funk' at the beginning of 2015 - even SCHOOL! This teacher managed to get all of his students involved i this epic viral stunt - which is quite a feat!


Uptown Funk Even Made It On To Planes!

Let's face it, the safety demonstration is always the most boring part of a flight (well, apart from that awkward queue for the toilet), so this cabin crew decided to jazz things up with help from a certain Big Top 40 number 1!


Your Favourite Disney Tunes From The '90s Get A New Lease Of Life... RnB Style!

Ever wondered what Aladdin, The Lion King and more Disney classics would sound like as 90s R&B? Wonder no more…


This Video From The Vamps' Gig Is Every Dad... EVER!

Actually no, our dads don't dance this good! #Skillz!


Is This The Most Talented 5-Year-Old EVER?

Watch America's Got Talent auditionee Heavenly Joy steal the show as she effortlessly tops the vocals on the original version this Disney Frozen track.


This Is DEFINITELY The Sassiest Girl In The World!

She'd probably been rehearsing for this performance for some time but little did this young girl know that her dance moves would become such a MASSIVE internet hit!


The Best Graduation Ever?

The students of Portsmouth High School in the US gave their parents a HUGE shock when, towards the end of the ceremony’s valedictorian speech they broke out into a GIANT flashmob performance of Taylor’s 2014 hit.


Everyone Fell BACK In Love with Justin Bieber!

Whether you've been a Belieber for years, or you've not been the biggest fan of the Biebs - EVERYONE was loving his Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.


Miss Piggy BECOMES Rihanna

RiRi's music video for 'Bitch Better Have My Money' was INTENSE to say the least - but we've gotta admit there's a new element of "Psycho" when the biggest bad ass in history chimes in - Miss Piggy!


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