Remember When Jezza Kyle Lost It With His Audience For Having Double Standards On Domestic Abuse

9 February 2017, 16:57

Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle once again proves he's the absolute don.

Love him or hate him, you can't help but watch Jeremy Kyle. We're sometimes left with our jaws dragging along the floor LONG after the episodes finished, just thinking "Did that really happen?"
But sometimes Jezza makes a point so true that you can't help but agree with him. Just like this throwback episode.

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During the show, a man approached Jeremy saying his partner was violent, and that he injured himself trying to escape a room his girlfriend had locked him in.

This led the audience to burst into laughter, and Mr Kyle was having none of it. For once, he wasn't shouting at his guests, but the live studio audience sat in front of him.

Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy looked at the audience and said "It's not funny though, is it?

"Can I tell you why it's not funny? I'll tell you why I don't think you should laugh. If this was the other way around, and a woman was sat here, and a bloke had locked her in a flat, you lot would not be laughing.

"You would be saying "He's a complete nightmare. He should be locked up". But if it happens to a bloke, it's funny? That's not funny, is it?" continued the furious daytime TV show host.

It wasn't just the studio audience applauding; we were doing the exact same thing to. You go, Jezza.

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