WATCH: Dad Excitedly Pulls Out Daughter's Tooth With Flying Drone

Storyful Tooth Drone

Watch what happens when this Dad decides to pull out his daughter's loose tooth with drone.

Well this is definitely a new way of pulling out those baby teeth. As soon as this little girl's tooth was as wobbly as a Beyoncé music video, her Dad figured it was the perfect time to try out his new you do.

As much as the girl looks like she's happy with the whole idea, it's her Dad's exciting screams that'll have you stitches...enjoy.

Is It Harry's Grin Or A Smirk From Zayn? Can You Guess The Celebrity Smile?

What do you think of this over-excited dad and his experimental dental habits? Let us know at @CapitalOfficial.

Are your eyes watering yet? Ours are!

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