WATCH: Ed Sheeran, Liam Payne & Katy Perry All Help Roman Kemp With Some CRAZY Ideas For His New Show

2 September 2017, 20:20

We've roped the world's biggest stars together to join Roman for one of the most bonkers adverts we'll ever see. And we couldn't love it more, tbf.

You're sat on the sofa, watching 'The X Factor' and then you see that. No, not Simon Cowell's chest hair, but our brand new, shiny advert, featuring Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp and a few friendly faces you might just recognise.

With the launch of the new show, Roman Kemp and Vick Hope have had their thinking caps on...except Roman could probably have done with keeping his off as we've ended up with all of this lot...

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From donning a teddy bear costume and getting a smooch off of Ed Sheeran, to Roman making some, erm, less-than-questionable puns involving Katy Perry and darts, this is something you need to see to believe.

Ed Sheeran Roman Kemp Capital Breakfast Advert


Also, along the way, expect to see Shawn Mendes snuggling up in a bunch of cuddly animals... BEWARE: It's an adorable overload.

Shawn Mendes Roman Kemp Capital Advert


There's also Niall Horan cruising like a BOSS, 'cause why not?

Niall Horan Roman Kemp Capital Advert


And don't even get us started on the time Roman thought he "effortlessly" joined Little Mix. You. Can't. See. Him. Right?

Little Mix Roman Kemp Capital Advert


So what are you waiting for? Tap the video, sit back, and enjoy seeing your favourite stars get up to some totally crazy, totally hilarious antics in a way only Capital could do.

Just how many absolute ledges can you spot?

Roman Kemp Capital Breakfast Advert


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