We Promise That 97% Of You Won't Be Able To Make It Through This 'Try Not To LOL Challenge'!

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

If you can make it through this, you have a heart made of stone. End of.

Make Some Noise is, well, all about making some noise. Who saw that coming? And apart from the sound of the microwave pinging once your dinner's done, what is the best noise going? Pure LOLs.

Which is why we're putting you to the challenge. Do you reckon you can make it through these seventeen HILARIOUS videos without cracking up... Or even cracking a smile?! Continue if you accept the challenge. You've been warned.

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Nope. Not funny one single bit. We love sharks too. End of.

We're still not smiling. This is a totally reasonable reaction to food.

Will. Not. Laugh. At. All.

Okay. NGL, this one is kinda funny. But we won't crack a smile.

ROFL. We just typed that. We didn't actually do it, okay? Believe us.

Okay, let us just take a break from this, for five seconds?

Why are we making you go through this torture? Just 'cause.

LOLOLOLOLOL. Please can we watch this on repeat?


If you don't laugh at this one, we can't even be friends.

Trying to type through the laughs is a lot harder than it looks.

We've seen this at least 30,281,485 times, but it's still HILARIOUS.




Good. We've got that out of our system. Now... Nope. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And the last one. Yeah, we think we nailed this without laughing. Excellent.

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