OH. EM. GEE! Nine Celebrity's Bodies That Will Get You HAWT ALL OVER!

12 January 2016, 13:34

Six-packs. Abs. Pecs. These celebrities have got them... AND THENSOME! We're gonna sit down, watch this steamy video (and maybe put down the donut!)

A while ago, we vowed to hit the gym more often as our New Year's resolution. Two weeks later and we don't even know what a treadmill is. Is it a place that mills 'tread'?!

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Luckily, some A-listers workout enough for all of us combined, and the results are... Well, PHWOAR! From Ellie Goulding to Jason Derulo; Nathan Sykes to Rihanna, these guys define 'body goals'.

You NEED to see the bodies of these singing sensations. (Oh, you can pick your jaw off of the ground now!)

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