Cara Delevingne Has A Unique Talent With Fondling Boobs As She Just Demonstrated On Margot Robbie's

Cara Delevingne: "I have a nipple detector"


Cara's character, Enchantress, has many magical super powers, but it turns out that the model has her own special ability... Erm, detecting nipples. Obviously.

During a recent press-interview for the upcoming 'Suicide Squad', Cara was joined by her fellow co-stars, Margot Robbie and Karen Fukuhara. It seemed like an everyday, standard chat about the movie; what it was like working with certain members of the cast; who their favourite characters were, etc. Then this happened.

The supermodel challenged the interviewer that she could - without fail - find anyone's nipple, if they were wearing some form of t-shirt; a skill which she refers to as her "Nipple Detector".

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At this point, she clambered over her chair to pinch Margot and Karen's nipples. But she wasn't quite content with that... She even tackled finding the interviewer's nipples! It's official; this is the most surreal interview. EVER.

It's as the old saying goes: "Mates who find each other's nipples together, make great movies together".

Margot Robbie 'Suicide Squad' Premiere

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