2016 Might Have Been Awful - But It Makes A GREAT Horror Movie!

30 December 2016, 12:10

2016 Movie Trailer

By Matt Garforth

Celebrity deaths. Brexit. Trump. Harambe. They're all in this EPIC trailer!

It's pretty much official that 2016 has been the WORST year, like, ever...

If it wasn't your fave celebrities dying or families coming to blows over which way to vote (on BOTH sides of the pond), it was the world losing it's tish over Harambe (RIP)!

As far as actually living in 2016 went, it was a nightmare. But if you're a bit of a horror buff, it's one pretty decent plot!

> A-Z Of 2016: Everything GOOD That Mattered In The Last 12 Months

Well that was the thinking behind this pretty awesome trailer for fake movie '2016'.

Hit play on the video above and prepare to have chills down your spine... Then bookmark this page and come back in 50 years to scare the life out of your grandkids!

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