"Win £5,000!” across the Global Network, June & July 2020 - Terms and Conditions

1 June 2020, 16:57 | Updated: 5 January 2021, 16:38



1. The following rules (“Specific Rules”) together with the general competition terms and conditions (which can be found at https://www.capitalfm.com/terms-conditions/competition/) (the “Competition Terms and Conditions”) of Global as defined in the Competition Terms and Conditions apply to the “Win £5,000!” competition (the “Competition”) which runs from 1st June to 19th July 2020 (the “Duration”) across the Global Network (the “Network”), which includes our radio stations, SMS databases, websites and social media, encompassing Capital, Classic FM, Capital Xtra, Gold, The Heart Network, Radio X and Smooth Radio”).

2. Anyone who enters the Competition (an “Entrant”) will be deemed to have read and accepted the Specific Rules and the Competition Terms & Conditions and will be bound by them.

Details of the Competition:

3. To enter the Competition an Entrant must identify which image does not come from a capital city, as directed in the online article, and text in their answer (i.e. the number of one of the images) within the duration of the Competition. To do this, Entrants must send a text message starting with the word PRIZE followed by their answer to 83958 or 84902 (the “Text Message Line”) within the opening and closing times of the Competition. Text messages will be charged at £2 plus standard network rates.

4. For the avoidance of doubt, capital city refers to the city that functions as a country’s seat of government (not a city that functions as the seat of government for any other administrative centre, such as province, state or county).

5. Global is not responsible for any latency experienced by an Entrant’s mobile phone network, which may delay the delivery of text messages to and/or from us. Additionally, Global is not responsible for any erroneous entries which may occur through a mobile phone network error or handset error.

6. When an Entrant enters the competition, they will receive a text message that invites them to take part in our 4-for-2 offer, whereby if they enter a second time within the same competition round, they will receive two additional entries at no extra cost. The additional entries will be automatically included once the Entrant enters for the second time and they will not need to text a third time to claim them. If they do text for a third time, the cycle recommences and they will be charged again. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to ensure that if they respond to this 4-for-2 offer, the text lines are still open when they do so. Otherwise, any additional entry may be charged but not included in the draw. Furthermore, to redeem the 4-for-2 offer, the 1st and 2nd entries must both be sent following the instructions from only one radio brand’s website.

7. After the closing time of the Competition, one Entrant will be selected at random from all of the entries received during the valid entry period. If their answer is correct, they will win the competition. If their answer is incorrect, another Entrant will be selected at random until an Entrant who entered with the correct answer is selected, a winner is decided, and prize for the Competition awarded. The winning Entrant will be contacted within 28 days of the Competition closing time.


8. Entrants must be aged 18 or over and have the bill payer’s permission.

9. You can enter the Competition up to a maximum of 15 times throughout its duration. We strongly advise against excessive use.

10. Entrants must have a bank account, as the prize will be paid via cheque or bank transfer.


11. The prize is £5,000 (five thousand pounds) paid either by cheque or Bank Transfer.

12. Due to working practices during the current coronavirus situation, Global cannot guarantee when a cheque can be produced and if a cheque is requested it may arrive after 28 days from the date the winning Entrant is initially contacted. Payment by bank transfer is recommended instead.

13. The prize is non-transferrable.

14. Global reserves the right to change the prize or part of it at any time.

15. We will endeavour to pay the winner as soon as possible, but are not responsible for any delays in the banking system. Furthermore, the winner will be required to answer a call from Global between 9am and 3pm on Monday 20th July 2020 and supply all the requested information immediately (as directed) if they are to receive a bank transfer the same day. If any eligibility checks need to be carried out, this may delay payment.

16. Global reserves the right to remove the Competition from all media if events out of our control require us to do so. Publicity and Identity of Winners:

17. If you win a prize, we may publish your full name, town or area of residence and image indefinitely on our radio station websites (capitalfm.com, capitalxtra.com, heart.co.uk, radiox.co.uk, smoothradio.com, classicfm.com and mygoldmusic.co.uk) and within our mobile application “The Global Player” (also incorporating the individual radio station apps for Capital, Capital Xtra, Heart, Radio X, Smooth, Gold and Classic FM). We will seek your permission before publishing.

SP: Global Radio Services Ltd, 30 WC2H 7LA. If you are having problems using our text entry service please have a look at our FAQs or alternatively contact our customer helpline on 0333 200 2000