Capital’s Best Fans 2019 - March 2019

13 March 2019, 17:36 | Updated: 29 March 2019, 23:57

Capital's Best Fans 2019
Capital's Best Fans 2019. Picture: Global

Full Terms and Conditions


1. The following rules (“Specific Rules”) together with the general competition terms and conditions (which can be found at (the “Competition Terms And Conditions”) of Global (as defined in the Competition Terms and Conditions) apply to ‘Capital’s Best Fans 2019’ (the “Competition") which will run from Thursday, 14th March 2019 to Thursday, 28th March 2019 on Capital (the “Radio Station”).

2. Anyone who votes in the Competition (an “Entrant”) will be deemed to have read and accepted the Specific Rules and the Competition Terms and Conditions and will be bound by them.

Details of the Competition:

3. Voting will commence from 16:00 (GMT) on Thursday 14th March 2019 and close at 16:00 (GMT) on Thursday, 28th March 2019.

4. Votes will be tallied at the end of every 24 hour period, ending at 16:00 (GMT) on each day of voting.

4.1. Any leaderboards visible on are based on cumulative votes cast during the previous 24-hour periods – there may be delays in the leaderboard being published.

5. To cast a vote, the entrant must log in to Instagram and post an image with the correct hashtag for their nominee. A full list of hashtags will be available at during the duration of the campaign.

6. Entrants may vote an unlimited number of times.

6.1. Multiple uses of the same hashtag in the same post will only count as one vote.

6.2. Multiple hashtags can be used in one Instagram post.

6.3. Likes are not included in the voting.

6.4. Capital reserves the right to disregard votes is there is a suspicion of fraudulent activity.

6.5. It is only possible to vote on Instagram – there is no alternative voting process.

7. Results of the competition will be announced after 16:00 on Thursday, 14th March 2019. 7.1. In the unlikely event of a tie, two nominees will share the award.

8. Capital cannot guarantee that the Instagram monitoring process will be error-free, and any Instagram downtime may affect the voting process.


9. An active Instagram account is required for this competition.

10. There are no age or geographical restrictions for entry, aside from any in Instagram’s Terms of Service.

11. Voting in this competition is subject to total acceptance of Instagram’s Terms of Service (which are available here:


12. There is no prize or incentive for participating in this competition.