About Matt


My Favoutite hits on the Capital playlist: Rihanna/Drake “What’s My Name and Alexis Jordan “Happiness”

Most embarrassing track on my iPod: Grease MegaMix!!!  

Who would your ideal guest be? Simon Cowell.  I think his life story is fascinating

What’s your karaoke track of choice? Bjork “It’s Oh So Quiet

Favourite gig you’ve ever been to? Stereophonics at Cardiff City Stadium.  An amazing day!!

Favourite live music venue? Clwb Ivor Bach

Life in South Wales...

What's your favourite South Wales place? Roath Park Lake in the summer!! Pedalo boats and icecream!

Favourite drinking hole in South Wales: I’ve got quite a few……. But my regular is Eli Jenkins in Cardiff Bay.  If you’ve been here, you’ll know why!

Favourite thing to do in South Wales: I love driving up to Brecon to find the waterfalls! Beautiful.

Favourite place to go shopping: I hate shopping but if I have to it’ll be St David’s in Cardiff

Tell us a little known fact about this glorious place of ours: I was once told that the round thing at the top of the BT Tower was a cog for the Millennium Stadium roof… then again I am gullible, so this may not be true.

Time to get personal...

What makes you laugh? Leigh Jones’ hats!

How would your best friend describe you in three words? A big liability

Why didn't you ask me about... the time I met John Barrowman at the Capital studio….

Worst job I ever had: I washed dishes in a dirty café for £2.50 an hour.

Facebook is... taking over my life.

The first thing I do when I get out of the Capital Studio is... make sure my facebook has been logged off – Leigh Jones is a nightmare for hijacking it!!